November Promotion

Welcome to Discount Season at Sophia Hotel Nha Trang

The promotion namely

Staying Warm in The Rainy Season

Apply for Stay date from 1st November 2015 to 10th December 2015

Sophia Hotel Nha Trang offers directly discounted room rates and donates gift vouchers for you

Only direct Sophia Hotel Nha Trang rooms booked give you the following benefits:

• Discount of room rates up to 30% (dependent on room type) – when booked 2+ days in advance
• Receive valuable gift vouchers (ranging in value from 220.000 vnđ to 1.250.000 vnđ (gift voucher value dependent on how long you stay with us)

If you have other party voucher in Nha Trang
Please give us the specific information on your voucher (the value and the kind of service) and we will be assessed whether or not it is suitable for Sophia Hotel Nha Trang to pay.

What is not included?
Please note that gift vouchers are not redemmable for cash.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information
Sophia Reception: +84-583.522.524 or GM of Sophia: +84-935.909.336 (mr. Duy)